The Easy SimCity BuildIt Guide

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The Easy SimCity BuildIt Guide

Become a mayor is not easy. You have to keep everything in your city is on the track. That is all you have to do in playing SimCity BuildIt guide. If you are an effective person that will not want to waste your time on mistakes that are usually done by a beginner of this games, this article would be perfect for you. The following below are going about the easy SimCity BuildIt guide to make your plan is on the track in order to perfectly make the city better.

In the first time, you have to build the basic buildings in order to raise the number of your citizens. Therefore, you can get much money to increase your city to be bigger and better. Keep in mind, you have to keep the condition that makes your citizens happy to live there. For example, do not build a factory in the middle of city, it will give pollution to your citizens. Build it on the edge of city.

  • Keep Building and Expanding

Make your city into the bigger one and equips it with some stuff that will increase the citizen population smoothly. Do not forget to build their houses too, and always upgrade them. It will attract some new citizens to live in your city which automatically raises your money. You can collect taxes from public facilities such as parks, amusement parks, and else.

  • Keep the Factories Busy

Another SimCity BuildIt guide is, always keeping your factories busy. This is important, because in building a city, there will be many materials that you need. While you are playing, make sure that the factories are always busy to produce those needed materials. So, you will not lack of materials when you want to build a building or upgrade it.

  • Sell Goods in the Trading If Storage is already Full

You can sell the unnecessary goods in Trading, of course, with highest price. You do not need to be worry, your goods will always be sold since you have already activated advertisement feature. Selling unnecessary goods is the fastest way to collect coins for the next construction.

  • Keep Your Citizens Happy

This is the main goal of this game. There are several things to keep your citizens happy. The first thing is, you have to build some attractions on every gap of buildings. Make sure every building in the city is in those attractions’ coverage. The attractions would be parks, amusement parks, casinos. And the second thing is, keep the residential buildings of all the factories. Build the factories far from citizens’ buildings, because they do not like their space contaminated by the pollution. It is better to build one factory area, it will ease you to collect and manage material producing.

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